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Building Envelope Testing

The building envelope is the key to energy efficiency. A good building envelope is:
        1. thoroughly insulated    AND    2. well sealed to prevent air leakage.

Insulation Continuity and Airtightness need to be thoroughly considered at all stages of design and construction. Until very recently, this has not been the case in Australia and most houses have low insulation levels (or have insulation that has been installed poorly) and suffer high levels of air leakage. As a result our homes are unnecessarily drafty and difficult to keep warm. Reducing air leakage is simple and extremely cost effective – residents immediately feel more comfortable and require less energy to heat their homes. You just need to locate the problems... that's where we help. We basically 'suck it and see'!

Scinergy Tools

Pressure Testing for Air Leakage: fan depressurisation using a 'blower door' to measure the rate, and locate sources, of air leakage.

Thermal Imaging for Insulation Continuity: infrared thermography to check insulation integrity and locate areas of heat loss/gain or moisture build-up.